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Clinical Associate Professor Ahmad has special interests in the following:
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Hernias and abdominal wall reconstruction
Mr Ahmad has developed a significant interest in not only the management of abdominal wall hernia but also the causes of hernia and their recurrences.
He has gained experience in managing large complex abdominal wall hernia at the Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (AWR) in Washington DC, USA. This is further enhanced by his experience at the Carolinas Medical Centre, North Carolina, USA—one of the world premier hernia centres under Professor Todd Heniford.
Mr Ahmad employs the latest techniques of abdominal muscular component separation (see: abdominal wall reconstruction and abdominal component separation) for the repair of large hernia with large defects. Suitable hernias are repaired with laparoscopic technique (key hole approach).
A prospective database is also maintained to ensure the practice continues the best care and result for the patient.
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Mr Ahmad has performed more than 700 cases of HAL haemorrhoidectomy and Recto Anal Repair (see: HAL haemorrhoidectomy, Recto Anal Repair).
Between 2010 and 2017, Mr Ahmad was the only surgeon in Perth performing this procedure in WA. He has treated patients from all over Western Australia (such as from Esperance and Karratha), Interstate (Darwin, NT) and Overseas (Bangkok, Thailand).
The advantage of this method is the reduced level of postoperative pain and shorter recovery period. This enables patients to return to work at an earlier date as in comparison to the traditional way which is still being done in hospitals in WA.
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Endoscopic Management of Pilonidal Sinus
This procedure (see: Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment, EPSiT) enables treatment of Pilonidal disease without large scars and deforming the buttocks.
The patient is also able to resume normal daily living at an earlier date.
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Gallstone and Pancreatic disease
Mr Ahmad spent his post fellowship year training in the PancreatoBilary Unit at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, England—one of the premier units in Europe. See the Gallbladder page here.
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Mr Ahmad works in one of the small number of hospitals that enable vasectomy to be performed in an operating theatre setup. See more here.
Clinical Associate Professor Hairul Ahmad MBBS FRACS
Upper Gastrointestinal, Advanced Laparoscopic and General Surgery
Perth, Western Australia
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Suite 12, Waikiki Specialist Centre,
221 Willmott Drive, Waikiki WA 6169

Please call (08) 9592 2298 for an appointment.
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9am–4pm Monday to Friday

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