MBBS FRACS • Upper Gastrointestinal, Advanced Laparoscopic and General Surgery • Perth, Western Australia

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Conditions, treatments, investigations

Mr Ahmad’s surgery is a well-established specialist surgical practice which provides expert management of a wide range of General Surgical, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery and Endoscopy management.

We offer a service from diagnosis, assessment and definitive management of multiple surgical diseases that include both traditional open surgery and the latest minimally invasive advanced laparoscopic (keyhole) and endoscopic techniques.

Anal-rectal Conditions

Endoscopy procedures

Gastrointestinal conditions

General surgery


Pilonidal sinus

Clinical Associate Professor Hairul Ahmad MBBS FRACS
Upper Gastrointestinal, Advanced Laparoscopic and General Surgery
Perth, Western Australia
Practice Details

Suite 12, Waikiki Specialist Centre,
221 Willmott Drive, Waikiki WA 6169

Please call (08) 9592 2298 for an appointment.
Fax: (08) 6314 1524
or email us

Office hours

9am–4pm Monday to Friday

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